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          Anhui Province

          Anqing Jinquan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Anhui University

          Anhui Sany Pigment Co., Ltd.

          Anhui Hongsheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

          Anhui Times Zhongjia Science & Trade Co., Ltd.

          Anhui Xuelang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

          Anhui Dingyuan County Yunsen Technology Co., Ltd.

          Hefei Baotian Electronics Co., Ltd.

          Hefei Northern Hemisphere Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Hefei University of Technology

          Hefei Xinyuan Science & Education Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Hefei Medical Industry Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Province

          Changzhou University

          Changzhou University School of Pharmacy

          Changzhou Feima Metal Products Co., Ltd.

          Changzhou Hengtai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Changzhou Santai Technology Co., Ltd.

          Changzhou Shanmei Pharmaceutical Research and Development Center Co., Ltd.

          Changzhou Hengtai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Changzhou Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.

          Changzhou Zhongya Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Baoling Chemical Co., Ltd.

          School of Environment, Jiangsu University

          Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Fuding Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Global Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Honglida Lithium Industry Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Huaan Scientific Research Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Huaihe Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Jinkai Resin Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Li Cultural Industry Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Qingyu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Suqian City, Jiangsu Province Kaier Fluorine New Material Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Suqian Kaier New Material Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Yabang Dyestuff Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Yinghai Meilian New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Yingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Zhongding Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Zhongke Jinlong Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Nanjing Poly China Scientific Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Nanjing Changdao Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Nanjing University

          School of Environment, Nanjing University

          Yangzhou Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University

          Nanjing University of Technology

          Nanjing Tiannuoda Scientific Equipment Co., Ltd. (Suzhou High-tech Research Institute of Nanjing University)

          Nanjing Xinzhonghui Scientific Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Nanjing Xuelang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Suzhou Chunyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

          Suzhou University

          Suzhou Julian Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

          Suzhou Lake Xuande Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Suzhou Lande Nano Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          Suzhou Lintong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Suzhou Sinoma Non-metallic Mineral Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

          Yancheng Binhai Fuente Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Yancheng Fanan Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Yancheng Institute of Technology

          Yancheng Donggang Pharmaceutical Chemical Development Co., Ltd.

          Yancheng Yuekai Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Yancheng Yueyan Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Yangzhou University

          Yangzhou Mingruida Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Zhangjiagang Guotai Huarong New Chemical Material Co., Ltd.

          Zhangjiagang Yinhai Instrument Procurement and Supply Station

          Wuxi Beta Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Wuxi Lanmuir Technology Co., Ltd.

          Wuxi Maoda Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Wuxi Yikai Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

          Yangzhou Mingruida Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Yangzhou Speed Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Lianyungang Taizhuo New Material Co., Ltd.

          Suqian Union Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Suqian Yong Fragrance Co., Ltd.


          Chengdu Aibo Xie Nuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Chengdu Huirong Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

          Chengdu Jianfeng Jingsheng Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

          Chengdu Pharmaceutical Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

          Chongqing Ketuo Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

          Pioneer Aluminum Chloride in Nanchuan District, Chongqing

          Chongqing Qiangwen Trading Co., Ltd.

          Chongqing Nanchuan District Xianfeng Alumina Co., Ltd.

          Three Northeast Provinces

          Northeastern University

          Daqing Hengsheng Technology Co., Ltd.

          Northeast Forestry University

          Harbin University

          Harbin Zhongyun Technology Development Co., Ltd.

          Shenyang Aojina Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Shenyang Sanben High Precision Grinding Wheel Factory

          Shenyang Liuhuan Chemical Research Institute

          Liaoning Broadcasting Science and Education Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Liaoning University of Science and Technology

          Liaoning Keman Material Co., Ltd.

          Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School

          Fujian Province

          Fujian Runhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Offfitel Guangzhou

          Guangzhou Lidaer Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

          Guangzhou Yujin Flavors and Fragrances

          Xiamen Jingyi Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

          Xiamen Baoneng Technology Co., Ltd.

          Xiamen Xindali Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

          Guizhou Province

          Guiyang Baiyun Jinxin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.

          Guiyang Tannin Technology Co., Ltd.

          Guiyang Kangrui Instrument Complete Co., Ltd.

          Guizhou University

          Guizhou Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources

          Guizhou Academy of Sciences

          Guizhou Provincial Center for Geology and Mineral Resources Laboratory

          Zhejiang Province

          Hangzhou Changlong Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Hangzhou Jiangang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

          Hangzhou Tianlong Pharmaceutical

          Hangzhou Yanlin Technology Co., Ltd.

          Hangzhou Zhengchu Trading Co., Ltd.

          Wenzhou University

          Wenzhou Kangtai Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Co., Ltd.

          Wenzhou Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Zhejiang University Ningbo University of Technology

          Zhejiang Deou Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          Zhejiang Dibang Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Zhejiang Jiangshan Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Zhejiang Jingjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Zhejiang Nade Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

          College of Chemistry and Life Sciences, Zhejiang Normal University

          Zhejiang Taihe Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Zhejiang New Sanhe

          Zhejiang Yefeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Zhejiang Yingxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Ningbo Haitai Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

          Ningbo Longxin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Ningbo Tianxing Health Co., Ltd.

          Henan Province

          Henan Bomaisi Trading Company

          Henan University

          Henan Haiheng Import and Export Co., Ltd.

          Henan Hengao Technology Co., Ltd.

          Henan Postdoctoral Workstation

          Henan Subcritical Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

          Dahua Metal Components, Yuzhou City, Henan Province

          Zhengzhou University

          Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry

          Zhengzhou Yinfeng Laboratory Reagent Company

          Hubei Province

          Hubei Laifeng Tengsheng Perfume Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Hubei Lingzhi Chemical Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

          Hubei University of Arts and Science

          Hubei Yidu Chuxin Industrial Enamel Co., Ltd.

          Hubei Yin'an Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Hubei Zhenhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Wuhan Better Technology Co., Ltd.

          Wuhan Entai Technology Co., Ltd.

          Wuhan Huakete New Technology Co., Ltd.

          Wuhan University of Science and Technology

          School of Chemical Engineering, Wuhan University of Science and Technology

          Wuhan Hanye Wuzhou New Chemical Material Co., Ltd.

          Wuhan Sipin Technology Co., Ltd.

          School of Materials, East China University of Science and Technology

          South China Agricultural University

          Hunan Province

          Hunan University

          School of Materials Science, Hunan University

          Hunan Jinma Silicon Industry Co., Ltd.

          Hunan Lijie Biochemical Co., Ltd.

          Hunan Speck Technology Co., Ltd.

          Hunan Nonferrous Chenzhou Fluorochemical Co., Ltd.

          Hunan Zhongqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangxi Province

          Jiangxi Fengyuan Cast Steel Co., Ltd.

          Jiangxi Huatong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Jiangxi Jiangli Technology Co., Ltd.

          Jiangxia Zhousuojia Technology Co., Ltd.

          Jiangxi Zili Resources Recycling Co., Ltd.

          Jiangyin Shenrui New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          Jiangyan Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Province

          Shandong Gaomi Tongli Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Haiqing Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Huayou Wanda Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Huihai Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Jincheng

          Shandong University of Science and Technology

          Shandong Lier Chemical New Material Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Paini Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Senfu New Material Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Biodiesel Group Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Tianye Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Dongying Runcheng Carbon Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          Dongying Huaan Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Dongzhi Kexiang New Material Co., Ltd.

          Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai)

          Jinan Jinbei Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Jinan Quanxin Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Qingdao Hecheng Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Qingdao Huajietai Mineral Fiber Development Co., Ltd.

          Qingdao Jiner Agrochemical Research and Development Co., Ltd.

          Qingdao Runxing Optoelectronic Material Co., Ltd.

          Weihai Chenyuan New Chemical Material Co., Ltd.

          Weihai Huayuan Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Weihai Lianchuang Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

          Weihai Risheng Chemical

          Weihai Shengyuan Mountain Spring Water Co., Ltd.

          Weihai Taihao Plastic Factory

          Weihai Xinguang Electromagnetic Products Co., Ltd.

          Weihai Yuanhang Biotechnology Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Weiyou Nick Food Technology Co., Ltd.

          Yantai Haicheng High-Tech Co., Ltd.

          Yantai Huayang Environmental Protection Boiler Co., Ltd.

          Yantai Zhuoyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

          Zibo Chenzhao Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Zibo Longtai Aluminum Co., Ltd.

          Zibo Xinsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Weifang Headway Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Yantai Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

          Ji Nan University

          Shanxi Province

          Shanxi Haisi Bell Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shanxi Xintianyuan Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Hebei Province

          He Bei University

          College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Hebei University

          Hebei Dongan New Energy

          Hebei University of Technology

          Handan, Hebei

          Hebei Electric Power Construction Adjustment Test Institute

          College of Physical Science and Housing Engineering, Hebei Normal University

          Shijiazhuang Donghao Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

          Shijiazhuang Hengyue Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shijiazhuang Jesse Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Shijiazhuang Youli Technology Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.


          Shanghai 4805 Factory Dongjia Foundry

          Shanghai Anci Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Basin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Boshang Biotechnology

          Shanghai Ciyuan Trading Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai University

          Shanghai Individual

          Shanghai Hongyou Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Shanghai Test Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Jiaotong University

          School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University

          Shanghai Longxiang Biomedical Development Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Lutest Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Maibu Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Pudu Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Qianmao Chemical Technology Company

          Shanghai Star Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Tongguang Science and Education Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Xipu Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Xunkai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Yihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Yilihe Electronics Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Youtuoyi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Tianjin City

          Tianjin Aozhan Technology Co., Ltd.

          Tianjin Boyuan High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

          Tianjin University

          Tianjin University School of Chemical Engineering

          Tianjin Fuyin Technology Development Co., Ltd.

          Tianjin Fuyin Biological Technology Development Co., Ltd.

          Tianjin University of Technology

          Tianjin Lisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Tianjin Sairunlang Technology Co., Ltd.

          Tianjin Jiuxing Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Tianjin Zhifei Technology Development Co., Ltd.

          Yunnan Province

          Kunming Kuntai Technology Co., Ltd.

          School of Materials Science and Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology

          Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute

          Yunnan Normal University

          Panzhihua Iron and Steel Research Institute Co., Ltd.


          Beijing 529 Factory (Beijing Xingda Technology Co., Ltd.)

          Beijing Aibainuo Technology Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Dongmai Century Technology Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Hexie Weiye Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Huarui Xincheng Technology Co., Ltd.

          Beijing University of Chemical Technology

          Beijing General Research Institute of Building Materials

          Beijing Jiaotong University

          Beijing Jinshifeng Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Kailai Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Kailai Pharmaceutical Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Kechuangyan New Biotechnology Co., Ltd. University of Science and Technology Beijing

          Beijing Langxinming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Liantian Technology Development Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Lingshi Jingan Technology Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Tsinghua University

          Beijing Institute of Prospecting

          Beijing Tuochuan Scientific Research Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Beijing satellite manufacturing plant

          Beijing Xitao Technology Development Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Ying'an Meicheng Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Zexiang Hengda Technology Development Center

          Beijing Zhongbei Anbo Automatic Control New Technology Co., Ltd.

          Beijing Zhongke Juhe Technology Development Co., Ltd.

          Fudan University

          School of Environment, Tsinghua University

          Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School

          Weihai Zhengwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

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          Sales Department 2 Phone:0631-5382771
          Add:Zaobu Industrial Park, Gushan Town, Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone

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